condensed milk in turkey

حليب مكثف في تركيا

condensed milk in turkey


Milano Max condensed milk


Milk, used by humans in the early 7th millennium BC,

condensed milk is a nutritious white liquid food secreted by the mammary glands of mammals.

The consumption of Milano Max condensed milk for

cows varies around the world, averaging 10-212 kg per person per year

Contains 18 of 22 essential nutrients, including a variety of bioactive peptides and acids


حليب مكثف في تركيا
حليب مكثف في تركيا



Fatty acids such as casein, whey proteins and polar milk fats

(MPL), alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), and conjugated linoleic acids

(CLA), palmitic acid (16:0), lactose and other minor components

(such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamin D) that have an important impact on human metabolism and health.

Evidence has shown that milk has a wide range of physiological benefits, including anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory.

Antioxidants, anti-lipids, anti-hypertensive, anti-hyperglycemic, anti-osteoporosis.

Milk was not only the primary source of nutrition for any newborn in

mammalian species, but was also an excellent source of the elements

Nutritional guidelines for the growth of children and most adults,

which is recommended by a large amount of dietary guidelines around the world.

American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology

guidelines suggested that adults should eat three servings of dairy products daily.

The current Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2021 for adults

recommends the equivalent of three cups per day of skim milk.

condensed milk in turkey

How milk is made in Milano Max laboratories

The milk is transported through refrigerated trucks from the farm to the factory,

and then the milk is discharged through special valves to preserve

At its temperature, it is then pumped to the silos, and a sample of the

milk is sent to laboratories

To check the milk and ensure its safety before starting to treat it,

Also, at every stage of the milk industry, a sample is taken for examination,

to ensure its safety until the final output is analyzed

Before it goes out to the market, then it is sent directly to pasteurization,

so the milk production process takes place in tightly closed cylinders.

In order to maintain the integrity of the milk and to ensure that it does

not mix with any microorganisms from the outside.

condensed milk in turkey

The stage of manufacturing plastic bottles that are used to preserve milk

The neck of the bottles is first manufactured in several ways, the bottle

is formed through high temperature with a blowing process, and it comes

out in the known final shape,

Now the bottles are ready for filling as they pass through the machines

in preparation for the process of washing them well.

After washing and sterilizing the bottles, they now pass to the filling stage,

and the milk is filled inside them through special machines that are characterized by speed

and precision at the same time and finally the outer bottle cap is

placed before the start of the filling process for fresh milk and milk

Then the machines make sure of the purity of the packages,

then send them to the machine for attaching the labels to the packages,

and from there directly to the filling device.

All devices operate at high speed, and throughout their journey on

the production line, products are subjected to strict examination through advanced devices,

There is a device that checks the integrity of the covers,

as packages that have defects or leaks in their covers are rejected.

After that, the containers move to packing in the box assembly area,

which is done automatically through a sophisticated robot that takes on this task

This factory produces dozens of other dairy products such as cheese,

yoghurt, labneh and cream.


Milk powder production method


Converting milk into powder is with the aim of preserving the milk for as

long as possible because the liquid has a short shelf life compared to powdered milk.

It is known that pasteurization keeps milk valid for a short period if

it is in a closed container, but when opened, it must be used within a maximum period of one week.

Therefore, drying milk is the most feasible way to preserve milk for

a long time and there is no need to keep it in the refrigerator, and it is easy to transport and export

For countries that do not produce enough milk as a staple food.

The first step to converting liquid milk is to receive the raw milk from

the factory and conduct a series of analyzes on it

Milk into powder in more than one way, including the spray drying technique,

the machines are used to spray the milk in the form of a corresponding spray.

Blowing hot air from the opposite side, so that the drops of milk dry instantly,

and then the filling process takes place, which is the most common method.

Heated cylinders technology, milk is sprayed in the form of atomizers on the

surface of heated cylinders under appropriate conditions of pressure and heat,

The water evaporates from the milk to remain the powder, and the product is

now packed in multi-layer bags weighing twenty-five kilograms

Each package is checked by metal detectors to rule out the entry of metallic impurities

The powder retains its properties for two years which of course cannot be made into whole milk.

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